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Aton Offshore Investment Services Ltd. (Aton Offshore, Ltd.) based in Moscow, Russia. Desmond.


From: Desmond

Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 12:09 AM
Subject: Receivables clerk - part-time position with an int'l investment house


I am writing to inquire if you might be interested in part-time employment with our company.

Aton Offshore Investment Services Ltd. (Aton Offshore, Ltd.) based in Moscow, Russia is looking for energetic and committed individuals to fill the part-time receivables clerk position in the United States. As a receivables clerk, you will be in charge of processing and facilitating investment funds transfers initiated by our US clients under the supervision of the regional manager. A perfect candidate should be a strong communicator who is also comfortable with numbers and ideally has some book-keeping experience. College education or basic administrative experience is a plus.

No relocation is required from a successful candidate. This opening is a great opportunity for those looking for a reasonable trade-off between working hours and compensation, such as senior citizens or self-employed individuals.

Aton Offshore, Ltd. is a registered investment advisor offering hedge fund research, due diligence and investment trust management to qualified investors and high net worth individuals looking for absolute returns in the emerging markets of Russia and Kazakhstan. We focus exclusively on managing multi-manager portfolios of hedge funds. We are a 100% subsidiary of Aton Broker, Ltd., Russiaâ?Ts major investment house. For more information on our company, please visit us online at

The position is commission-based, and it will typically take up to 6 hours per week to fulfill your duties. You should be able to perform your duties during regular business hours. Your core responsibility will be to receive the investment funds from our clients into your designated bank account, reconcile the payments if required and transfer specified funds into our managed investment accounts.

You will be in charge of contacting your bank in order to obtain transfer status information, confirmations and account activity reports to be provided to your supervisor, as well as handling daily communications with your bank. You will be receiving a 2% commission from the gross amount of each transfer that is made into your designated account (for instance, if $10,000 is credited into your account, you will be retaining a commission of $200). Your commission is available immediately, so there is no need to wait for the payroll check in the end of the month.

From the tax aspect, you will be paying your income tax, either as an individual or as a business entity, calculated as a percentage of the commissions received for fulfilling your duties.

You will be receiving the investment funds from our clients via secure electronic Wire transfer used by major US banks for funds and securities settlement. This means that no funds will be deposited into your account unless the transaction is reviewed and confirmed both by the remitting and recipient banks. Thus, there is no operational risk on your end. You will never be required to cash a check or engage in any other financially risky activity.

In order to qualify for the position, you must be a permanent US resident aged 21 and above. It is recommended that you set up a separate bank account for the receivables service (a list of preferred banks is available); however, you may also use an existing account. Since most communication with your supervisor will be via email/fax/phone, you should have full-time access to these facilities.

You can apply for the position or make an inquiry online at http://www.

Please use the following vacancy code in your submission: RC/25/06. Please note that only candidates under serious consideration will be contacted.


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